Voyage to the Unknown

A series of six, hour long workshops based on the Odyssey, through which participants co-create a story set in space.

Suitable for Year 6 and Key Stage 3.

In the year 2022, twelve intrepid crews of explorers were thrust into a dangerous and secret mission… What would they encounter? What would be their fate?

Based on the ancient Greek epic poem, the Odyssey, this series of workshops explores themes of identity, home and otherness through this story of adventure, monsters, camaraderie and friendships put to the test. The series reimagines the story in space, Odysseus’s ship becoming a spaceship and the islands becoming planets and stars. Each session opens with a thematic stimulus drawn from contemporary culture – Twitter profiles, newspaper articles or images – and then uses a short visualisation script to draw participants into the imaginary interstellar world, where they are asked to write as ‘themselves and not themselves’, drawing on their own real-life experience but also freed by the distance of time and space to use their imaginations. Participants then co-construct the story, for instance through speaking out ideas, discussion, corporate drawing or drama, harvesting the ideas through individual and shared writing, resulting in a rich mix of poetry, script, newspaper articles, autobiography and genre-based narratives.

There are six workshops in this series, all between 60 and 90 minutes, covering character development, setting, worldbuilding, structure and plot. The material can be adapted to suit the length of time you have. Some of the workshops stand alone, others can be combined to make day-long or weekend sessions. Let me know what your requirements are, and I can suggest the best combination.

“I am so proud of what our students have achieved. It would not have been possible without all your guidance and assistance.”

Zebun Javed, English Teacher

“Another brilliant session… students have been coming into the library to say how much they enjoyed it.”

Dianne Blashill, School Librarian