Through The Uncrossable Boundary

Gigan Ticks foretell the end of time. The world is beginning to fade.

As the NIGHTMARE army advances, can Fletcher and Scoop cross the Threshold into our world?

Will they be able to reunite their creators, before they slip into oblivion?

Fletcher and Scoop are apprentice adventurers at Blotting’s Academy, where all Story Characters are trained. Join them on their final feat as they discover the cost of crossing the Boundary in Daniel Ingram Brown’s thrilling conclusion to the Firebird Chronicles.


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5 Stars

“Engaging, thrilling and touching.

I thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Ingram-Brown’s conclusion to The Firebird Chronicles. I’ve been a fan of the trilogy since the first instalment and would highly recommend reading the first two books. The Firebird Chronicles is an engaging read for children and adults alike.

The empowering message that began in Rise of the Shadow Stealers continues to weave through the final instalment of the trilogy. Scoop and Fletcher have been encouraged to find their own way by the mentors throughout the series and reach new heights of self-awareness as they continue to forge their own path. These characters have been expertly developed by Daniel Ingram-Brown. Scoop and Fletcher seem to walk between the pages as living beings, inviting the readers into the fantastic world they call home.

The final chapters were handled with sensitivity and were an emotionally satisfying conclusion, whilst remaining accessible to a young audience. I look forward to Daniel Ingram-Brown’s next work.

Overall, Through the Uncrossable Boundary easily deserves a five stars rating. The trilogy’s premise sets it apart from other children’s books, and Daniel Ingram-Brown has shown skillful mastery of the world and characters he has created.”

Journeys into the Heart

5 Stars

“A New Kind of Magic…

Daniel Ingram-Brown’s latest installment of The Firebird Chronicles is as magical and overwhelmingly awe-inspiring as its preceding books. It doesn’t matter how stressful your supposedly ‘adult’ day has been, Ingram-Brown never fails to evoke the child within…

Through the Uncrossable Boundary envelops the reader in the same entirely unique world created throughout this series. It is a world of wonder and beauty, of wordplay and clever anecdotes, of extremely talented adventurers and their fearsome rivals. I have loved the first and second books in The Firebird Chronicles series and the feeling of total nostalgia brought on by them. However, Through the Uncrossable Boundary takes the magic and brings it so close to home you can feel it in the very pages.

As always, I don’t want to spoil the plethora of twists and turns this book takes you on its enthralling journey through seas of singing fable fish and treacherous beast-infested waters. Nonetheless, I can promise you that every page is as compelling as the next. As always, Ingram-Brown’s pure talent for description causes your mind to manifest the entire world he creates and you can feel yourself right there alongside him (and Fletcher and Scoop, of course).

This is a book for all ages- from the young, inquisitive mind to the adult longing to feel the excitement that only a wonderful book can evoke. Through the Uncrossable Boundary strikes the perfect balance between magic and reality, bringing the world of Fletcher and Scoop closer to home than we could ever imagine. Dreams become reality in this story and, once again, Daniel Ingram-Brown has created a perfect example of the necessity of the written word. As long as works such as Through the Uncrossable Boundary continue to blossom from the brilliant minds that write them, there will always be a future in which books are vehicles for the unimaginable.

An impeccable read that amazes and inspires. I shall most certainly be on the lookout for more of Ingram-Brown’s phenomenal works of magic.”

Dani Reads

5 Stars

“I love this series, and the third and final installment doesn’t disappoint. The world of the first two books is creatively unique and beautiful to immerse yourself in. The reader is taken on a slightly darker journey through the final book, but this change in tone is a perfect contrast to the innocence of the first book and the adventure of the second.

I’m so sad the series is over, but luckily I can just turn back to page one and start again…”

Amazon Review

5 Stars

“An incredible ending to a magical trio of books.

The writing shines the most with the author’s descriptions of the Fullstop Island characters (both friends and foes), faraway lands, and magical and colorful ventures. An encounter early in the book with the Fable Fish, is particularly breathtaking in its vivid imagery. It’s almost like the reader was there, witnessing that wondrous event. The nods to notable literary characters, books, and even grammar are still sprinkled heavily throughout the book, as it was in the other two books in the series, is a clever and fun wink to the book’s readers. The author can also deftly switch from one scene of exciting, swashbuckling action to another scene filled with touching emotion and still make the whole story feel seamlessly connected. There are so many different layers, but it all works as one and pushes the story forward to its moving, profound, and beautiful ending.

I myself was incredibly sad to see the series end, but I could not have been more moved and pleased by the conclusion of the final book. It was everything you could want in the last volume of a trilogy: it has adventure, wonder, peril, emotion, and heart, and it delivered that and so much more. The entire series though, not just Through the Uncrossable Boundary, is a lovely tribute to the world of books, words, and stories and their power in us and our lives as well. Readers of all ages will want to join Fletcher and Scoop on an adventure, or even become an Apprentice Adventurer themselves at Blotting’s Academy, so they can be around their fellow bookworms and grammar enthusiasts and be in good company while enjoying a tankard of Noveltwist.

Through the Uncrossable Boundary is a sweeping conclusion to an adventure that introduced us to Scoop and Fletcher and their literary, story-centric world of Fullstop Island and beyond. It’s a true adventure story that will become an instant classic, made up of stories, characters, and a literature- and alliteration-inspired world that you, no matter how old you are, will want to revisit over and over again.”

This Weird Girls Life

5 Stars

“What an ending! Big applause to Daniel for tackling issues of mental health, grief, and growing up. The fantasy aspects of the book, full stop island, blotting academy, the whole world is just so rich and fantastic. To then take the fantasy into reality, which is a hard task anyway, and to give the characters such deep complexity it kept me gripped to the last line. The destiny of Scoop and Fletcher was written more closely than they ever realized, with such a great twist.”

Auburn Langley, Goodreads