The Firebird Chronicles

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Pure, unadulterated magical goodness.”

Dani Reads

“A Potteresque fantasy… A strong positive message… Some of the richest world-building I have read!”

Lara Beth

Fletcher and Scoop are apprentice adventurers at Blotting’s Academy, where all story characters are trained. The trouble is, they’ve lost their beginnings.

Things are going missing – including their own memories – and Scoop has the unsettling feeling that something is creeping in the shadows.

As the children search for answers, they become entangled in the tale of the Storyteller and find themselves uncovering a hidden past. What is their connection to this mysterious man? And is there more to him than meets the eye?

Rise of the Shadow Stealers is a story of murder, Plot Knotters, Noveltwist Cordial, an exploding casket and the epic battle for the soul of a world.

They say only the dead can cross a Threshold, the dead and those who have faced a Nemesis Charm.

When Apprentice Adventurers, Fletcher and Scoop, discover their mother has fallen under the curse of a strange sickness, they prepare to sail for its source, a Threshold, a doorway to the world beyond the Un-Crossable Boundary.

But they are not the only ones seeking to cross the Threshold. Their old enemy, Grizelda, has heard that beyond the Boundary lives a woman with the same power as the Storyteller. With the help of a monster made with an undead heart, she plans to cross the Boundary and steal that power for herself. If she succeeds, the Academy, the island and everything in Fletcher and Scoop’s world will be hers.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Unique & entertaining.”

Kristin Reads

“Rich in atmosphere.”

The State of the Arts

“Fast-paced energy & action.”

Wonderfully Bookish

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Big applause to Daniel for tackling issues of mental health, grief, and growing up.”

The Birch Quill

“Powerful… Emotional… An incredible ending.”

This Weird Girl Life

Gigan Ticks foretell the end of time. The world is beginning to fade.

As the NIGHTMARE army advances, can Fletcher and Scoop cross the Threshold into our world?

Will they be able to reunite their creators, before they slip into oblivion?

Fletcher and Scoop are apprentice adventurers at Blotting’s Academy, where all Story Characters are trained. Join them on their final feat as they discover the cost of crossing the Boundary in Daniel Ingram Brown’s thrilling conclusion to the Firebird Chronicles.