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  • Top Ten Joys of Writing Character

    Top Ten Joys of Writing Character

    Creating and writing character is the breath and blood of good stories. As Will Storr says in The Science of Storytelling, “It’s people, not events,that we’re naturally interested in. The plight of specific, flawed and fascinating individuals that make us cheer, weep and ram our heads into the sofa cushion. The surface events of the…

  • Why Write?

    Why Write?

    Here are some thoughts about why I write, recorded for National Writing Day 2019. It’s National Writing Day tomorrow, check out their hashtag #247challenge to see 24 word short stories written for this celebration of writing. Why not have a go at writing one yourself!

  • Writing Tips: Where to Start

    Writing Tips: Where to Start

    When writing a novel, every author has their own unique writing process. Some may write an entire novel from beginning to end; others might plot out the scenes separately and piece them together. In this post I’m going to explain my writing process and how I plot my novels. Where to Start In my writing…