Why Write?

Here are some thoughts about why I write, recorded for National Writing Day 2019. It’s National Writing Day tomorrow, check out their hashtag #247challenge to see 24 word short stories written for this celebration of writing. Why not have a go at writing one yourself!

Performance Practical Tips & How-Tos

Page to Stage: Adapting a Book into a Play (Part 1)

Being an author and theatre director, I spend a lot of my time either writing about fictional worlds or bringing them to life on stage. The perfect combination? Adapting my own book into a play! I’m currently in the process of bringing my first book in The Firebird Chronicles series, Rise of the Shadow Stealers, to the […]

Writing Tips

Writing Tips: Where to Start

When writing a novel, every author has their own unique writing process. Some may write an entire novel from beginning to end; others might plot out the scenes separately and piece them together. In this post I’m going to explain my writing process and how I plot my novels. Where to Start In my writing […]