I visit secondary schools for author visits, drama and creative writing workshops, and longer projects and residencies. Author visits tend to be for a day or a few days and include a whole year group talk, workshops and a book signing. All my sessions are interactive.

My current workshops and talks include:

MEET THE AUTHOR. This talk is suitable for a whole year group. I introduce the students to my books and characters, read from my work, and answer questions about being an author, the writing and the publishing process.

MAPS AND OBJECTS. In this workshop, I talk through my own writing process, particularly how I use maps and objects as prompts. The students create their own setting and story using these prompts, and we talk about the process of editing, and how they might develop the story further.

THE BEDROOM. This workshop is suitable for a smaller group. The students use a life-sized bedroom, marked out with masking tape, to develop a character. They are then presented with a dilemma – their character must leave the bedroom and won’t return – what will they take with them? This workshop touches on themes of displacement and care experience, which I write about in my latest book, Bea’s Witch.

WRITING RESIDENCIES. I have been a First Story writer-in-residence for six secondary schools in Yorkshire, producing eight anthologies of students’ work. From this work I have several series of workshops, including Voyage to the Unknown, a journey through space based on the Odyssey; Stories from the Forests, in which students create a parallel fairy tale world using the geography of their own hometown or city; and a long distance project in which students make contact with a group from the future. To find out about these, or to commission me for your own bespoke residence, please contact me.

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“It was brilliant… The children were so engaged… They went on to do lots of follow up work. The teachers also said they were ‘inspired’… The aim was to inspire children to read and that was very much achieved. The workshops also inspired them to write too!”

The Grammar School at Leeds

For further enquiries or to book a visit, please contact me at dibrownauthor@gmail.com


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