Rise of the Shadow Stealers

It’s the first day of term but the two apprentices soon realise something’s wrong. Things are going missing – including their own memories – and Scoop has the unsettling feeling that something is creeping in the shadows.

As the children search for answers, they become entangled with the life of the Storyteller, the island’s creator and king. They journey to his wedding banquet and find themselves uncovering a hidden past. What is their connection to this mysterious man? And is there more to him than meets the eye?

This is a story of murder, Dream Analysis, Plot Knotters, Noveltwist Cordial, an exploding casket, a girl called Wisdom and her magical treehouse, and the battle between the firebird princess and her shadowy nemesis.

The Shadow Stealers is published by John Hunt Publishing under their Our Street Books imprint.


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