Meet the Author

An assembly style talk and Q&A with readings

Suitable for Key Stage 2 upwards. The session can be adapted for different ages.

Meet author and playwright Daniel Ingram-Brown and Apprentice Adventurers Fletcher and Scoop from The Firebird Chronicles. Hear about their exploits at Blotting’s Academy, the place where all story characters are trained, and listen to Daniel read from his latest book, Through the Uncrossable Boundary. Ask questions about what it’s like to be an author and about the plays and books he’s written.

This session is half an hour long. It can be targeted for a particular year group or is suitable for the whole school. It’s an exciting start to a full day’s visit and will get the whole school buzzing about books!

“Visiting Emerald Publishing was such an amazing experience and offered an interesting insight into the world of writing and publishing. I particularly loved hearing from author Daniel Ingram-Brown who spoke about his experiences as an author… He was open and honest about any questions we had for him. I really welcomed the feedback he gave me on the short 500-word story… Overall, my peers and I really enjoyed the visit, and we will definitely be submitting our stories to their creative writing contest.”

Meliazah McMahon, Student