Make a Monster!

A hands-on workshop to develop a shared story with a twist.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3

From snake-haired Medusa to dark wizard, Lord Voldermort, the monster is one of the oldest and most powerful images in storytelling. In this workshop, Daniel uses ideas from his book, Through the Uncrossable Boundary, to guide students to create their own monstrous nemesis and create a shared story with a surprising twist. In the workshop he asks, ‘What makes a monster monstrous?’ and explores why some monsters are not as they seem.

During the workshop, students will write character and setting descriptions, focusing on the senses. They will explore different types of writing, both descriptive and persuasive, and develop a plot structure with a critical question at its core. The workshop will encourage writing-in-role and investment through drama, positioning the students as monster hunting experts with their own role within the team. The students will be encouraged to ask questions about the traditional character of the monster, stepping into its shoes in order to see things from its point of view with the aim of growing empathy and understanding for difference.

Daniel will give readings from his books as part of the workshop.

This workshop is 1-2 hours long and is designed to take place either in a classroom or in the school hall. The session works for a single class but can be tailored for larger groups (up to 90 children).

“It was brilliant… The children were so engaged… They went on to do lots of follow up work. The teachers also said they were ‘inspired’… The aim was to inspire children to read and that was very much achieved. The workshops also inspired them to write too!”

The Grammar School at Leeds