Create your own Adventure Story

A hands-on workshop in world building, character development and narrative conflict.

Suitable for Key Stage 2 and 3

In this workshop students create a giant scrap-map island, populate it with characters and challenge those characters with death-defying quests and adventures.

During the workshop, students will use physical props to encourage imaginative investment leading to writing of setting descriptions. There is a focus on creating place names and narrative from geography. They will develop a character, using drama techniques such as hot seating to deepen the character’s backstory. As a threat approaches the island, the students will develop a shared narrative with a critical question at its core, using discussion and oracy to develop the story before writing as individuals. The workshop will encourage writing-in-role and investment through drama. The students will be encouraged to ask questions about how we deal with challenges to our community, with the aim of growing empathy and understanding for those who might be seen to be outside of that community.

As part of the workshop, Daniel reads from Rise of the Shadow Stealers and his other books.

Length: 1.5 hours – half a day.

Space: Either a classroom or a hall, but with clear floor space and at least half an hour to set up and fifteen minutes to pack away.

This session is for a single class or a targeted group who would benefit from using external stimuli to encourage writing.

“The room was buzzing all afternoon and Daniel really has the knack of firing children’s imaginations, especially boys. He helped the children to create their own individual stories whilst working in a collaborative way to build a wonderful island in the middle of the library. It was fantastic to see the children growing in confidence during the afternoon and being able to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers in a supportive atmosphere.”

Wendy Kent, Service Development Officer at Knaresborough Library