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“Daniel ran a Mortales, Maps and Missions workshop for 25 children aged 9-12 in our library at half term. The room was buzzing all afternoon and Daniel really has the knack of firing children’s imaginations, especially boys. He helped the children to create their own individual stories whilst working in a collaborative way to build a wonderful island in the middle of the library. It was fantastic to see the children growing in confidence during the afternoon and being able to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers in a supportive atmosphere. Thank you Daniel!”

Wendy Kent, Services Development Officer at Knaresborough Library

“All the kids are inspired. They’ve all got loads of ideas. Its so good for the boys to see a male author.”

Year 6 teacher on Q&A session, Pinkwell Primary School

“It was excellent. The children were all engaged and inspired. All the props were great and made the session really active!”

Year 5 teacher on Q&A session, Pinkwell Primary School

Feedback from children:

“It inspired my writing because there’s no structure to what you write, you can just use your imagination. I liked his book. I’ve written a story about the hat
and the glove!” (Year 6 boy)

“It was interesting because he answered questions and talked about his plays through the props. I’m not at the climax of the book yet, but I like the mystery. When he answered the questions, it was in child-friendly language.” (year 6 girl)

“My best part was when we were acting out the story ‘cos Shayan has this massive moustache and Simran was a baddie. When he signed my book he wrote my name and put ‘Bookworm’ in brackets.” (Year 5 girl)

“I really liked the book ‘cos I’d met the author. It was so funny when Shayan had the moustache ‘cos your could hardly see his face. It was good to pick the items from the hat, it was a good way to introduce things. Its given me lots of ideas for action/adventure stories.” (Year 5 boy)

“It made my imagination go wild!!!”

“Loved making the map.”

“It was one of the most awesome things I have ever done. It was very interactive and has given me some great ideas for a story.”

“Great way to spend a cold afternoon in half term.”

“I know I will carry on with this story making. I will probably write a book about it. More adventure workshops would be good.”

“I can’t wait to finish my story at home.”

“Great fun. I would recommend the workshop to anyone.”

“All the teachers were very impressed with the content and your motivational skills. The children were inspired and enthusiastic too.

When authors like yourself come into school with books they have written, it is a very positive and provocative environment for the children and they really do appreciate your efforts as do the teaching staff who genuinely see a marked improvement in the children’s creative writing skills.”

Headteacher, St John’s Primary School, Knaresborough


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