A Review of Through the Uncrossable Boundary

“The empowering message that began in Rise of the Shadow Stealers continues to weave through the final installment of the trilogy. Scoop and Fletcher have been encouraged to find their own way by the mentors throughout the series and reach new heights of self-awareness as they continue to forge their own path. These characters have been expertly developed by Daniel Ingram-Brown. Scoop and Fletcher seem to walk between the pages as living beings, inviting the readers into the fantastic world they call home.
The final chapters were handled with sensitivity and were an emotionally satisfying conclusion, whilst remaining accessible to a young audience.
Overall, Through the Uncrossable Boundary easily deserves a five stars rating. The trilogy’s premise sets it apart from other children’s books, and Daniel Ingram-Brown has shown skillful mastery of the world and characters he has created.”

Thanks for your review Faye Stone! 


By DIBrownAuthor

Author of the Firebird Chronicles

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