Is writing like using an Alethiometer?

The way Philip Pullman describes the process of using the Alethiometer in the Northern Lights reminds me a bit of the writing process – holding lots of things in your mind and allowing them to flow without pushing too hard.

‘…That’s a symbol-reader…all these pictures round the rim…each one stands for a whole series of things…You’ve got three hands you can control… By pointing to three symbols you can ask any question you can imagine, because you’ve got so many levels of each one…’
‘But how does it know what level you’re a-thinking of when you set the question?’…
‘Ah, by itself it don’t. It only works if the questioner holds all the levels in their mind…without fretting at it or pushing for an answer, and just watch while the needle wanders.’

Is there an image that describes your writing process?


By danielingrambrown

Author of the Firebird Chronicles

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