An extract from the Firebird Chronicles

Around the Black Horizon, the ocean sparkled with a million points of light. It was the most beautiful thing Mr Snooze had ever seen. The hubbub behind him muffled. He stared across the water, unsure where the ocean ended and the star-strewn sky began. All around, flecks glinted green and blue, violet and amber. The sea was shining. Mr Snooze could see the depth of the water, plunging down, the aurora stretching, deep as a mountain beneath him. Unable to cope with the sight, he looked up. Above, the sky exploded with starlight. Mr Snooze was overwhelmed with a sense of his own smallness. The ship he trusted was just a speck on a vast ocean, this moment just surf on a boundless wave, rolling through the universe.


By DIBrownAuthor

Author. Theatre Maker. Educator

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