Daniel Ingram-Brown

Good question! Sometimes, as with Mr Bumbler or Grizelda, it’s just because I like the sound of the name and I think it fits the character. Mostly though there’s some meaning behind my characters’ names. As Rise of the Shadow Stealers is a story about stories and story characters, some of the names play with the act of writing and creating narrative – for instance Nib, the Quill Sisters or the Yarnbard. For others, I have an idea of the character’s personality and want to reflect that. Isaiah Scriven, for instance, is someone who sees deeply. He is a keeper and revealer of secrets and so I named him after the Biblical prophet. Sometime the names, such as Melusine, are stolen from traditional myths and legends. (Melusine is a character from European legend who is half serpent or fish and half woman). The thesaurus and baby names websites can be…

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