When did your thoughts and ideas start becoming a book?

I started working with the main characters in Rise of the Shadow Stealers back in 2000 for children’s holiday clubs, but back then they went under different names. I developed them further a couple of years later whilst working on some audio dramas for a friend’s website. I think I decided to have a go at writing a book in 2007/8 and chose to use one of the audio dramas as the initial building block for the story. When I started, it was just a ‘practice’, but as the narrative developed it became more and more serious. The characters changed their names and the world that the story is set in deepened and became more textured. About ten drafts later (I stopped counting the number of drafts actually) the book reached the form it’s in now. New ideas were added in all the drafts and each one had some sort of fairly radical adjustment. It’s been a long journey, but I’ve grown to love the characters in the book and the world they inhabit! I hope you enjoy reading their adventure as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!


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